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Mercedes-Benz  E250D 113KM  W124 

Year of production 1994

Mileage 245,000km

Price PLN 39,900   VAT invoice margin

The car was bought in Germany from the first and only owner,  doctor born in 1933.

The car was serviced at one MERCEDES KUNZMANN dealership in Germany from the first to the last day. In Poland, the car was used occasionally, as a hobby. Serviced at MERCEDES GRUPA WRÓBEL OPOLE Dealership.

Meticulously maintained copy, from a lover of the 124 model, in perfect visual condition 
and technical. Mercedes is the proverbial apple of the owner's eye. Garaged,  regularly serviced and not driven during the winter. Absolutely accident free car. All windows in the car are original Mercedes. The car has 90% of the first paint in immaculate condition and most importantly it is completely rust free.

After importing from Germany, all oils, filters and body fluids were replaced in the car. A new original Mercedes battery, new Michelin Energy tires, a new exhaust system (under warranty) and a set of original spark plugs were installed. Corrosion protection was carried out in the professional company RUST-GUM from Opole.

The interior of the car is in cabinet condition. The upholstery of the seats and door panels  is in perfect condition and has retained its elasticity despite the passage of so many years. No rips, holes or discoloration. The material and elements of the cockpit are complete, matte and look like new. The wooden elements are complete, uncracked and as shiny as the first day. The hands of the clocks have a bright orange color. Inside the car, all lights, lamps or controls work and the smell of new - old Mercedes is still noticeable.

The equipment of the car has min. : air conditioning, automatic transmission, central locking, electric windows, electric mirrors, pneumatic folding headrests, alloy wheels, original floor mats, and a new, never used Oris hitch.

During the two years of operation in Poland, the following were performed:   the valve cover gasket was replaced, fuel lines and O-rings were replaced, axle oil was changed, gearbox oil was changed, all belts and rollers were replaced , replacement of brake pads, discs and sensors, replacement of O-rings and fuel pump seal, crankshaft seal, cleaning of the brake system and many other small things.

Over PLN 9,000 was spent recently to bring the car to its present condition. All the above-mentioned treatments were performed in the service of Mirosław Sosna - the best specialist in classic Mercedes in the Opolskie Voivodeship, cooperating with the MERCEDES Dealership in Opole. Repairs and replacements were made with original parts and are documented in receipts and recorded in the service book

Mercedes has a set of books and documents, a complete service book documenting the mileage, German TUV inspections, invoices documenting recent replacements and repairs, and a set of four original keys.

Car  registered and insured until the end of 2019, with a new technical examination.

Currently, the car is freshly serviced at the Dealership (January 11, 2019). All oils, filters and fluids have been replaced. The car was run on synthetic oil from start to finish. The engine is currently running on Valvoline Max Life 5W-40 Full Synthetic oil. The car has driven about 300 km since the last oil service.

 There is absolutely nothing in the car that needs repair. Standard oil pressure. The engine runs evenly and quietly. The gearbox works smoothly and flawlessly. There is no slack in the suspension, the car gracefully chooses every unevenness of the road. Mercedes drives and behaves better than many new cars.

The engine and all mechanics function without any problems, even in severe frosts. A recent speed test showed that the car is still capable of reaching a top speed of 185 km/h. The average fuel consumption of this car is 8l/100km. The working culture of the engine in this copy is truly unique.

 Auto in great configuration, in excellent condition, with air conditioning and automatic transmission.

Buying most classic cars is usually just the beginning of your expenses. Statistics show that it takes at least a year and many funds to bring an old car, seemingly in good condition and with low mileage, to a condition where it can be used normally and without any problems. This does not apply to this copy, where every detail was meticulously cared for and no time or resources were spared to enjoy it every day. The offer is addressed to people who want to buy a solid car for years and know that good, classic cars are scarce, which is why they have their value.

If you are looking for a MERCEDES 124 in perfect condition, which will serve the new owner for a long time, and can also be used as an investment, this offer is just for you.

The buyer can get into the car and drive it to the proverbial "end of the world".

With a pure heart, we can recommend this copy to the most demanding customer.

I will be happy to answer all questions at no. tel. 796 72 12 30.

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